Band Parents

On October 9, 1996, Brandon Valley Band Parents was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation whose purpose is to assist and support the school district, the students, and the band director through the following:

1.    Coordinating parent support for the band program.

2.    Providing chaperones for band competitions and tours.

3.    Assisting in coordinating of band competitions and tours.

4.    Providing financial support for band tours.

5.    Sending students to summer band camps.

All parents are members by virtue of having a student in the Brandon Valley Band.  Corporate business is transacted by a sixteen member board of directors, which is made up of four parent representatives from each class.  Corporate officers are elected annually by the board of directors.

The following chart lists the 2015-2016 BVBP, Inc. Board of Directors and offices held:

Senior Parents Scott Livingston President
Senior Parents Wendell & Melissa Symington
Senior Parents Steve & Kathy Johnke
Junior Parents Jeff & Brenda Burch Vice-President
Junior Parents Susan Kruse Treasurer
Sophomore Parents Derek & Toni Outland
Sophomore Parents Gary & Julie Rommann
Sophomore Parents Paul & Sandi Sorum
Sophomore Parents Jason & Lisa Ziegeldorf
Sophomore Parents Dave Huntimer
Freshman Parents Devin & Kristi Holm
Freshman Parents Mark & Kristi Hensley Secretary
Freshman Parents Glen & Jennifer Boomsma
Director Chris Borchardt